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Chris is in his second go around with orthodontic treatment, this time with Invisalign.

His first orthodontic treatment was over ten years ago, when he was treated for some lower crowding, upper spaces, and general misalignment. That treatment went 6 months over the estimate, for a total of about three years. 

Chris says, "I wore full upper and lowers in stainless steel, and had a tendency to knock off brackets, so I spent lots of time with the lip retractors in place. I had an upper retainer, the old metal kind which I wore 24/ 7 for the first year then only at night for the next year or so until I got tired of it. I never had a lower retainer and over the years my lower front teeth crowded and started to push on my uppers. 

"After a few months of really being annoyed at not being able to close my mouth without thinking about it, I scheduled an appointment with an orthodontist down street. She suggested Invisalign and estimated about 8 months of treatment. I have been wearing upper and lower aligners since late August. My teeth are a little sore, not as bad as i remember with braces, but then again my teeth are not as crooked either;-) 

"I really notice the discomfort when I remove or replace them and when I try to eat. "

Chris' teeth with his Invisalign tray in place.


A photo of Chris' bottom teeth with the Invisalign tray in place.



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