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Photos of Dennis from Michigan

Dennis is 34, and is married, with 2 sons.

Dennis says, "I have always had a bad overbite and I completely cover my lower teeth. I have been wearing braces for about 3 months now. 

"I will also have to have corrective upper and lower jaw surgery. I was told I would be wearing these for about 3 years. 

"The reason for me getting braces was I was always biting into the roof of my mouth. And it always used to swell up in the inside which was really painful."

Dennis' braces and power chain.

Dennis says, "Well it has been almost 1 year in braces. June 6th to be exact.  I really don't see much of a difference from my standpoint. I supposedly have 2 more years left. Sometime next summer I will have the upper and lower jaw surgery.


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