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Photos of Gary from the U.K.

Gary is 38. He is from the UK but is living and having treatment in Hong Kong.

Gary says, "Due to my particular V-shape and inability to bite an apple I decided it was time to redress my also increasing consciousness of the increasingly overlapping front tooth - despite friends and girlfriends in particular telling me it was part of me!

"I had the expander fitted in Sept 2002 and was amazed at the 10mm expansion in 6 weeks! I had to keep it in position for another 6 weeks. I can honestly say the first 2-3 weeks were a complete nightmare - having to deal with clients over the phone and subsequently discover they thought I was turning alcoholic as I always sounded drunk! The speech gradually came back to almost normal, but eating continued to be both uncomfortable, and resulting in eating for necessity not for any enjoyment.

Gary's mouth when the expander was first fitted


Six weeks later, a 10 mm expansion has taken place


A frontal shot of Gary's teeth (pre-braces)  with the expander in place.


"Braces were fitted in Nov 02 and the expander removed - wow that was a great day and cause for a very alco celebration just so I could be drunk as I sounded so for so long!!

"I have been back in the UK since Feb 03 but managed a visit on my return from New Zealand (don't tell the boss I sneaked a stopover in HK!) in May so unfortunately I have lacked the visits recently and done some DIY anti-cheek-poking activity (not recommended for non-engineers!).

"I am looking forward to returning to Hong Kong in Sept 03 and can't wait to get the braces tightened - I never have a problem with my ceramics apart from severe staining as I drink too much, smoke too much and love curry! From a pain perspective I don't feel any, just a little numbness for 3 days PMT (post metal tensioning). I guess I will have the braces for another year yet."


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