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Jeanie is 37. She never considered braces until the day of her last cleaning. Jeanie says: "The hygienist asked, 'How you doing?' I told her I was fine, but I hated my smile because of all the gaps between my teeth. I said, " I know....let's whiten them so I feel better about how they look." 

She had a funny look on her face and said, 'If it is your gaps you dislike, why don't you consider braces? Your teeth are already white.'

It was then she called in the orthodontist to talk to me. I liked what I heard and understood that in order to close my gaps between my teeth that they would not only have to be moved together, but they would need to be pushed back too. I was fascinated that this could happen in 12-18 months time, and I was very anxious about getting the treatment under way!

So far, I have no regrets! Although I was a little disappointed and self-conscious that my cement stained a yellow (and verified by the ortho office), I love seeing all the movement in my teeth! In four weeks time I went from being able to stick a quarter between my top, front teeth, to barely a fingernail! Power chains rule!!

The first day Jeanie got her braces


After almost two months and two adjustments, the gaps are beginning to close up! The power chains have been on only four weeks!


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