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Jo is 36. She has had full braces for about 8 weeks, with upper ceramics and lower metal. 

Jo says, "I had orthodontic treatment as a child with 4 permanent extractions (lower canines and upper lateral incisors) and braces. I have a very small jaw, and after my wisdom teeth erupted everything got crowded again. I have lived most of my adult life hating my teeth, and hiding my mouth behind my hand and rarely smiling."

"My confidence and self-esteem have always been low, and I always thought people wouldn't like me because of my teeth! I looked into cosmetic dentistry years ago and decided that if I ever won the lottery then that might be an avenue to follow! I then looked into orthodontics and decided against it due to cost. 

"When my 15 year old son started seeing a local orthodontist, I broached the subject with him, he told me if I could get my dentist to refer me, he would happily treat me. (although he did point out that because my treatment as a child wasn't carried out properly I would pose a challenge and there would be no ideal solution!!) The rest is history, I had 4 more extractions at the beginning of April (upper and lower first bicuspids) then full braces. 

"My treatment time is going to be approximately 18-24 months and I will need permanent retainers. As I have said before in posts on your forum I have never seen pictures of anyone's teeth as awful as mine, so if they can treat me, they can treat anybody!"


A couple of days before the braces went on, after extraction of 4 teeth.


Six weeks into braces and there has been some improvement already! The bottom 4 are almost straight and the gap on bottom left is now about 1mm. I have noticed my top front tooth has moved out a bit as well. First adjustment is looming this week, so my fingers are crossed that my ortho is as pleased as I am!


Three months later, Jo's smile is looking terrific! Jo, soon you'll have that beautiful smile you always wanted!


Jo says, "Progress-wise, I have now got a rectangular wire, with cream power chains (that stain a lovely green/yellow after curry, but I find it so hard to abstain!) [Editor's note: Jo, try smoke coloured power chains and ligs; they don't show the curry stains as badly!] I have tooth coloured ligs on top and baby pink on the bottom. My most recent adjustment held a massive surprise, that although I thought I had another year to go (they have only been on 11 months), my ortho said I was nearly done, and providing my gaps continue to close as quickly as they have been then I will have 1 more normal adjustment in May and the next one after that will be the bonded retainers then the removal (HOPEFULLY looking at around July, all being well)

"I am so pleased, and when I look at the first picture taken of me in April 2003 after my extractions, just before my braces went on and then I look at my recent ones, I can hardly believe it, and can hardly believe I left it so long!

Also, my son has his bonded retainers fitted next Wednesday, then April 1st he has his braces off, I will be with him for both appointments watching with great interest! Our Ortho said he may play an April fool on my son, because apparently my son always bites the ortho’s finger at adjustments!!!"



Here is a comparison of Jo's smile before and after her braces were removed. Wow, what a wonderful change! Congrats on your beautiful new smile, Jo! Your teeth look like those of a movie star!

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