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Laura is 19 and is currently having braces for the second time. Her teeth moved a lot since her first time in braces. Laura says her ortho even commented on how he's never seen teeth move so much!

"I've had my braces for nearly 2 weeks now, at the moment they are in the not-so-nice gappy stage, as I have two gaps at the front on the bottom and two on the top," Laura says.

"I have a 8mm overbite which will be helped with headgear, I actually didn't realize how bad it was until I saw my photo! As well as braces I have a Nance button which is holding my back top teeth in place to prevent them moving forward this is fixed to my brace so I can't take it out to clean which can be a little unpleasant! I'll be getting elastics or headgear in 4 weeks to start reducing my overbite, I can't wait to see my top teeth start to move back. I also can't wait to see my left bottom tooth move back into place, at the moment it's sticking out the front of my gum causing my lip to stick out.

I've been told I'll have treatment for two years (max) with permanent retainers as this will stop my teeth from moving again." 


Laura says, "Here's a few updated photo's of my treatment so far. I can't believe that it's been over 16 months already the time has gone so quick!

"My progress has been amazing, with the way my mouth was before I couldn't imagine that things could change so much. I've been told that my overjet has been reduced by 1cm, which means it has now completely gone!

"I just hope these photos help others who are just starting their treatment that it is all worth it in the end."


Laura's teeth after 16 months of treatment. 


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