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The reason I am now in braces is to get my teeth into an alignment that will allow me to eat properly and allow me keep my teeth clean properly. My teeth were crowded and also tipped in. This made it impossible to properly chew some foods and due to very crowded lower front teeth - on was in behind the others and sideways-- I could not floss properly. 

I currently have full braces which will be on for about another 15 months, its been about 9 months so far (two years total). The uppers were put on three and a half months prior to the lowers to align my upper arch and bring the teeth out to the point that they would not knock the brackets off the bottom. Once the lowers were put on, at the same time as the installation of brackets and the arch wire, I had a coil spring put in between the teeth either side of the one that had been shoved in behind over the years. 

Finally after 4 months of this (two different arch wires and springs) there was enough room to tie the errant tooth using an elastic like string to the arch wire and pull it forward. At that appointment I also started with elastics to start closing up my bite, so far only on the one side. 

Now about 2 months later than that the errant tooth is against the arch wire, and I expect at my next adjustment (Mon. next week) They will actually attach the errant tooth directly onto the arch wire and this stupid spring will be removed. I also expect to be sporting more elastics at this time.


15 weeks into treatment


February 2003, after 6 months of treatment, that one tooth is still very crooked, but...


June 2003, that stubborn crooked tooth is finally moving into place!


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