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Pamela is 26 and lives in Baltimore Maryland with her husband of 9 years and their 3 daughters, Mikayla, 8; Taryn, 6; and Jada, 18 months.  Pamela says, "My daughter Mikayla and I are going through orthodontic treatment together. She is in phase one and I have been in full braces since September 30th. I have metal brackets and just had a quad helix expander installed this week. So far I am thrilled about my progress.

"When I realized that my daughter would need braces I thought it would be the perfect time to get my own teeth fixed. She is very self conscious about her smile and would probably have a hard time going through this without me to relate to. She is the inactive child (no sports or after school activities), very shy and unlike her cheerleader sister. She gets jealous of the bond I have with her sister Taryn because of my involvement in cheerleading. Our mother/daughter treatment I think fills that gap. 

"I had been looking into cosmetic dentistry and of course all the consults gave me the same advice, "Get Braces". My two front teeth had always overlapped and one was sort of headed sideways. This really bothered me. I also have the vampire fangs that I have been teased about all my life, even in adulthood. Sometimes I would hear people say, "She would be so much prettier if it weren't for her teeth." (Editor's note: How many of us have had the exact same experience and felt the exact same way about it?!)

"When I was a kid I was supposed to have braces but my parents never went through with it. I don't even understand why because money was not an issue. I have been bothered by that my whole life. Because of their decision to not go through with my treatment I have suffered too many hurtful words and stares to count. My teeth have inhibited me from getting involved in many things in my life. This is why I will stop at nothing to see that all of my daughters will get ortho treatment if needed. It can and will change a person's life. 

"I have been told by my ortho that I should be in braces for 18 months and in the quad helix for 6 months. I am not sure about a permanent retainer yet. I take pictures of my teeth every few weeks and plan on building a web page for inspiration to others who are looking into treatment. I have already seen amazing results just 6 weeks in so I am very excited. 

"I love my braces and am very proud of them. I keep telling myself the pain will pay off in the end. The way I see it is it can only get better!" 

Pam's teeth before braces. 


Pam's teeth, the first day in braces, late September 2003. (Editor's note: Those pink ligatures look great on her, dontcha think?! Makes me want to try pink myself!)

Pam's teeth after 6 weeks of treatment. Those teeth are beginning to straighten up! 

This photo was taken after  3 1/2 months. Pam says, "It was the first day with elastics, which I must say was torture for the first week. Sinus headache after sinus headache. Every now and then they still cause me headaches."

[editor's note: Wow, what great progress!]

Pam says, "This 6 month photo was just taken a few days ago on April 2nd. Things are going really well. I got my quad helix removed at my last adjustment and it wasn't even expected to be close to removal until about 9 months Boy was I happy to get that thing out. The ortho is very impressed with my movement thus far and said in 12 more months he expects me to be done. He originally estimated 18-24 months so I was relieved that the extra 6 months was thrown out the window. I went back recently for new arch wires and to get rebanded after my quad was removed. I also have to get a bracket replaced on a top left molar that was just bonded at my last adjustment but unfortunately came off a few days afterwards. I got spacers again recently for the bands. I am really happy with my treatment so far and hope my results continue to get even better. I will keep ArchWired updated!"


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