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Philipp is 38 and is in braces for a third time. He had braces from ages 10 to 13, ages 22 to 24; and now at age 38, he is 10 months into treatment with lingual brackets. Philipp's problems are: a deep bite (which is already corrected), a crossbite, and differing bite levels. 

Philipp says, "Especially my right side molars and incisors were being worn off. My left upper first incisor is fractured, the right one worn off by the opposing lower incisor. I think one can see this on the bite level closeup. I'll get veneer jackets with my retainers.

"If you look closely, you will spot a band on the last molar on the upper left. The assistant continually broke off the lingual bracket so I finally made her fix a band.

"At the beginning of treatment, my teeth would only touch on the right side. As the elastics I'm wearing are stronger on the left, my teeth now only touch on the left. I think its both overcorrection to stabilize results and a way to align my molars on the right.

"Also visible from the front, my rotation ties on the upper first incisor and lower canine. Look closely again, you will spot a small ceramic bracket on my right upper canine. It used to secure another rotation tie.

"On the view from the right, one sees my almost-closed extraction gap of a premolar on the upper right, actually a mistake from my second treatment, as I learned extractions should never be made asymmetrically. The elastics look freaky, don't they?

On the closeup of my upper jaw, you clearly see I like curry a lot. The elastics were really that yellow! The power chain to close my extraction gap later fell of, it is now secured by another ligature."


You can't see the lingual braces from the outside! Philipp has a crossbite, a fractured tooth, and differing bite levels on each tooth.


The elastics help stabilize the bite on each side.


The lingual brackets on the bottom (the ligatures are stained yellow from curry).

The lingual brackets on top.


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