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Photos of Sacha from Geneva, Switzerland

Sacha's treatment began when he was 41.  He is a teacher in a Swiss university. Although his treatment is now finished, he was nice enough to share his success story with us.

Sacha says that he always had crooked teeth but never did anything about it until he had an accident 2 years ago (he fell in his boat and hurt his incisors).

Lucky for Sacha, his insurance paid for his entire treatment, and he says, "My teeth are now wonderful. I've never seen such a good medical job! I think it's ridiculous to live with crooked teeth and not get them corrected with orthodontics. I'm very happy, really, as YOU would be in a few months! Wonderful experience, and super results. In fact, a few days after braces were off, I felt sad to have teeth without all this stuff...."

Sacha was not happy about speaking in front of his many students with all that "stuff" in his mouth (at the beginning, his speech was not 100%). "But all my students were very interested and, for once, my situation was reversed, because, (for the majority), they'd had  orthodontic experiences BEFORE me!"

Sacha's treatment lasted 20 months, and included special appliances (you can see it in the pics): plastics segments under the arch wire to obtain a large rotation ("Wow! The pain!"), and acrylic splint with a ramp to maintain good occlusion ("Wow, my speech was impaired!)

Beginning of treatment, upper braces and acrylic lower occlusional splint.


After 8 months, with special plastic pegs to help rotate the teeth.


14 months of treatment. Notice Sacha's metal tie wires.


18 months, near the end of treatment. Impressive improvement!


20 months, the occlusional splint was put on again shortly before treatment finished to help maintain Sacha's bite.


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