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Sherri is 29 years old. She was having a routine check up done with her dentist and he offered to give her a referral to an orthodontist. Same as Jeannie, she was inquiring about whitening! 

Sherri says, "I went to see my orthodontist and he said that I have a major cross bite and some crowding - could need treatment for up to 21 months, and maybe extraction of a bicuspid or two. Two weeks ago, he applied spacer elastics on the bottom teeth. He says he will use ceramic brackets on top and metal on the bottom... for esthetics, of course :) I can hardly wait to see the final result, although I cannot imagine myself without fangs. Guess my vampire joke days are numbered. So I'm sending a few pictures for others in search of reassurance. This first photo is my mouth before braces with the spacers in."

(After Sherri got her braces on, she wrote): "It's certainly a good thing that I like mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs!

"The whole procedure went very well. I've known my orthodontist for years before becoming a patient; my fiancÚ operates a small cafe in the same building his office used to be. His staff (who some are also neighbors) were regular lunch customers. Last year, he built a beautiful building for his practice which is equipped with a fireplace, leather chairs and Game Boy Advanced installed in each treatment chair! Now I see why he charges $4000 for orthodontic treatment regimens.

"Anyway, it turns out that the 'wire rep' was in recently and gave him some white wires to try out. They told me that I was going to get to trial them. When the doctor came over to look at the finished product, he remarked "Oh, you got the white wires on. They look sharp." So I'm pretty happy to be the lucky guinea pig, as you'll see in the photo. They really do look nice.

"I'm slowly getting familiar with the feel of foreign things under my lips. I keep thinking that after I stop smiling, my lip will stay stuck on top and I have to make a mental note to fix it. Chewing is not comfortable AT ALL. I have found that my teeth are already "creaking" and feel as if each one has a wooden wedge jammed between them. I hope that passes soon.

"I also appreciate flossing without braces so much better now. In a way, this may be the best diet ever because I doubt I'll be doing a lot of snacking! I'm conscious about everything I consider putting in my mouth now: a) will it hurt? b) will it stain? c) will it stay? "

Sherri with her new braces and white arch wire.


A close-up of Sherri's braces at the beginning of her treatment. That white arch wire looks great!


Seven weeks later...well, so much for the white arch wire! Read on...

Sherri says: "Within the first two weeks of having the white wire, the 'white' peeled away from brushings and looked just like the metal ones after all! A few weeks or less after that, the wire snapped near the back and had to be replaced with a regular wire. My orthodontist was not impressed with the poor quality and apologized profusely. I was ok with it, after all... I did volunteer to trial the product. It would be a nice esthetic touch just before a wedding or something."

(editor's note: I asked Sherri what brand that white arch wire was, so we'd all know for the future. When I get the info, I'll include it on the site.)

"I had a curry incident... thinking that if I just eat one serving and brush right after I could avoid staining. Well, that's a big NEGATIVE because I was into the office the following Monday to have the bright yellow ligatures replaced with new ones! Can't stay away from the coffee though (as you can tell by the photo), and I take mine black. I have been to my first adjustment, and it was tender a wee bit after, but nothing like the first week. In fact, I think I want to go back to the office earlier to have another tightening. The braces feel almost too comfortable ~ I never thought that one could forget that they were wearing braces altogether. I still have to remind myself to mind my mouth when I'm laughing at restaurants!"

Here is Sherri's latest smile, December 2003.

Sherri writes, "I saw the orthodontist on December 2... 4 1/2 months of treatment. Holy smokes, time flies, eh??

"He put clear elastic chains on the top and bottom instead of the individual ligatures. And, <-- (said in a whiny fashion), he put elastics on the hooks on the uppers and lowers that make yawning a very uncomfortable experience. I was back on the codeine for a few days again, just like the day I got them on. I have to say, my 'tune-ups' have been quite easy - compared to day one, a little tenderness in the bite was tolerable. But the chain and elastic combo? A rapid awakening for my senses, that's for sure. After he put them on, I mentioned how I could say goodbye to another 10 pounds (I've lost 15-20 already). And since having them on for a week, I realize that eating and compliance with my elastics are going to become more of an effort to have occur simultaneously as they ought to."


"Here's the latest shot at 7 months into treatment. I've been really enjoying the visits to the doc because he gets all happy about the progress and perks me up. The tune-ups are not as painful lately, I've just been getting a lot of elastic changes between because of the staining from coffee and tea. Last visit, as you can see, he had a great idea to use these thin wires instead of elastics, and you can barely see them! Oh, I ate curry with a vengeance that day :)

"I've enjoyed losing 20 lbs since I got the braces on last summer. Only problem is, I just need some new clothes now. I've had elastics for 5 weeks on and 2 off to see if my bite sets. I don't care much for the rubber that rolls along the sides of my cheeks until they're raw, but that only happens if I talk too much!"


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