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Photos of Tom from Wisconsin, USA

Tom  is a 31-year-old Firefighter. He has been in treatment since July, 2003. This is his second time in braces, the first was 15 years ago. He estimates that his treatment will take about 15 months to correct a deep bite.

Tom says, "After seeing your pictures with the extra loops, I thought I would share what just happened to me. I have been in upper Clarity ceramics and lower metal since July. My ortho has been trying to open my bite. Today he added some unique bends and twists to my lower wire. He did all of these bends free-hand from a straight piece of wire. These bends are supposed to lower my bottoms back down into my jaw. They are a little uncomfortable, but I am getting used to it. The color didn't show up very well but it is maroon, and the other picture was taken before my adjustment just to show what blue look like."



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