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Zuhaida (everybody calls her Zue), is 27 and lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She works as an application technologist with Petronas, the national oil & gas company. She has had her braces almost one year, since January 2003.

Zue says, "I have been waiting since high school to get braces because my problem was that I didn't  have enough teeth. There are gaps between the teeth especially on the upper ones. But I had to wait until my wisdom teeth came out before the ortho said it is time. Oh well, better late than never :-) 

"Now, almost a year later, I can see big changes. My front teeth have no gaps whatsoever, but the next step would be fitting me with implants or something to fill the gap where the REAL tooth should have been (You can see the gaps on the photo) I think I am missing about 2-3 of em :-) 

"I am at the power chain stage, and the 3rd stage wire. My ortho told me I would be fitted with the rubber bands next adjustment, uh oh! 

"I don't have any close ups of my teeth, but I hope to send some in soon. "

The photo shown above is Zue about 8 months after getting her braces.


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