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what is ArchWired.com?

Whether you stumbled on this site from a search engine, or someone told you about it, thanks for dropping in!

This is a site for adults who have orthodontic braces, or who are considering getting braces to straighten their teeth. Parents of children in braces may also find the information on this site helpful. This is not a fetish site.

When I finally decided to get braces in 2002, I did some web searching, myself. All I I found were sites for kids, site for teenagers, sites written by orthodontists, or sites for people with a fetish for braces. But a site for an adult who wanted non-biased information and support? Well, it didn't really exist as such.

So, I decided to create it. 

I'm NOT a subject matter expert. I'm just an adult who wanted straight teeth. I was in braces for almost 3 years, from ages 41 to 44, and am currently wearing Hawley retainers at night. You can see photos of my treatment here

I don't make any money from this site (besides partially recouping site expenses), and I don't overtly endorse any products except for a new product I created  in November 2002, a "braces survival kit"  called DentaKit, which you can see by going to www.dentakit.com. That product was borne from an idea I had after having braces for almost a year. I don't sell that product on this site, because this site is non-biased and non-commercial. In early 2004 I began running simple dental-related ads on the site to help cover website costs.

I try to keep the site current and fresh. Each month, several pages of the site are updated: 

  • Brace Yourself (the humor page)

  • Braces Poll and Poll Archives pages

  • New feature articles may be added on various subjects

  • ArchWired News -- dental stories and site notices

The opinions I express on this site are strictly my own.  My orthodontist, Dr. Vogt, gives me information for the site from time to time (when I ask for specific information or clarification), but he is not affiliated with it.  My goal is to provide information and support for other adults going through (or considering) orthodontia. I try to thoroughly research all the articles and present a fair and balanced view of various orthodontic subjects.

Please remember that the ultimate authority on your teeth is your own dentist or orthodontist. Someone who has examined your teeth in person is the best judge of your treatment.

If you have questions or tips you'd like to share with other adults (no fetish posts, please), you can add them to the Metal Mouth Message Board. If you are a dental professional, please feel free to jump in and join our Message Board when your time allows. There is no fee or obligation involved in doing so. It's just old-fashioned "people helping people."

If you would like to comment on the site, you can drop me a line. Please don't ask me technical questions about your treatment -- remember, I'm not a dentist!

I hope you enjoy the site and that it helps you!


Lynn S.
site editor and webmaster
in foggy Northern California, USA


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