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Your Most Embarrassing Experience in Braces

Story #1: The Backwards Retainer

Matt69 from Tucson, AZ, USA

I got braces when I was a junior in college.  Most of my friends did not know I was getting them until I happened to run into them and show them.  Those incidences were embarrassing enough.  One day I was studying in the library at a table with a couple of other students.

I wore a bite plate, which is like a retainer on the roof of your mouth and which keeps you from biting on your back teeth.  I was playing with it in my mouth and it happened to be backwards when a cute girl asked me what time it was.

I was caught like a fool, since I could not talk with that thing floating around in my mouth.  So I had to reach in my mouth, pull it out, and then tell her the time.  She stared at me with a funny smile like she was amused, but I was so embarrassed!

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