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Your Most Embarrassing Experience in Braces

Story #2: School Daze

Sophie from Leuven, Belgium

I'm Sophie from Leuven, Belgium and I'm 21 at the moment. At the time of my 'embarrassing' story, however, I was only 13 years old, so I don't know if this story qualifies for your contest. It was the first day that I had my braces, and I got such a big bulky pink removable one. After I had been to the orthodontist, I just went back to school. Shy girl as I was, I tried to hide it from everyone. But then the teacher pointed me to read out loud a piece. I tried very quickly to get the thing out of my mouth, with as a result: long saliva threads from my mouth to my pencil case... To make it even worse, everyone saw it, including my teacher, who told me that I was supposed to learn to talk with it, so I had to put it in again and read out loud a long piece of text.. :( Of course it was totally unclear and sounded terrible... Since that day, I've never worn it at school anymore (although I officially had it for another 5 years).. Well now you also know the reason why I'm getting braces again (fixed ones this time :p)

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