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Your Most Embarrassing Experience in Braces

Story #5: Rinse and Spit 

Jennifer from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

I attended a local birding festival in a provincial park last May and ended up having to eat lunch at a picnic table. There were no washrooms with running water--only outhouses. It had been a very cold and miserable morning for me. I had just had teeth extracted 5 days ago and eating was a bigger challenge than usual. 

I discovered that because my lips would not meet the only way I could drink out of a drinking box was out of the very corners of my mouth with the straw stuck in the gaps from the extractions. It wasnít very pleasant. Without my knowledge, the paper cups I thought had been packed had been removed. Well, after eating a muffin I needed to rinse rather badly. I ended up using the drinking box with the top cut off. I didnít want to swallow the quantity of water it was going to take to rinse out all the pieces of muffin that were stuck in my braces, so I decided to take a few steps away from the picnic table and spit it out on the ground. 

At that point I was really frustrated and really didnít care what anyone thought and as far as I could tell there was no one around. Earlier there had been another group of people sitting at a table behind me, but I had heard them leave. Well, when I turned around to return to the table I discovered that there was another group of people eating at another table who witnessed what must have looked like vomiting.

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