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Of Braces and Home Improvement

an orthodontic journal

December 2001 to January 2002
ę z Ľ December 10

Today I met with Dr. Vogt for a first consultation. He looked in my mouth, and sure enough, just like all the other orthodontists Iíve seen over the years, he recommended four teeth be pulled, and two years of braces. Iím not surprised. At least he didnít recommend head gear, like that other doctor! I really like his attitude. Heís young, not stuffy, and his staff has a really happy, casual attitude. Heís also the father of a toddler, which makes me like him even more. I felt very comfortable there.

Well, my friend Heidi has spent two years in braces with him, and she speaks highly of his practice. I feel comfortable enough to go ahead with it. I feel kind of sick about pulling those four bicuspids, but I suppose if enough orthodontists tell me they must go, then that must be the case. If I want straight teeth, those bicuspids must go. I feel bad about it, but Iím determined. I think Iím going to go through with it this time. Iíve never been able to picture myself with straight teeth. And they will only get more crooked as I get older. Itís really now or never.

Anyway, I was pleased to find out that I could eat almost anything I want, as long as Iím good about my oral hygiene. I could also use my electric Sonicare toothbrush (I was afraid Iíd need to use regular ones, which I dislike).

The next step is x-rays. I was able to schedule them for the day after tomorrow. I want to move ahead with this.

ę z Ľ December 11

The electrician called this morning and said he could start the wiring for the spa. A little unexpected, but great! He measured some stuff, I wrote him a check, and he went off to buy the materials.

ę z Ľ December 12

The electrician came back and upgraded our electrical box. He did what he was supposed to, but then there was a big, unpleasant surprise. He put a big hole in our stucco, outside where the old breaker panel was. He needed to do this to accommodate the new, bigger panel. I wish heíd have told me about that beforehand, because it will probably cost me several hundred dollars to get that fixed. I would have suggested putting the panel in the different location that did not involve breaking up stucco. Damned half-assed contractor! He told me he ďforgot to mention that.Ē Yes, the fun beginsÖ.

And yet thereís more. Later in the afternoon, the electrician called to tell me that my credit union would not cash my personal check, because my signature had changed. It took me a minute to realize that this guy must be really hard up for cash. Who the heck cashes a business check? Why didnít he just deposit it into his own account like a normal person, instead of going to my credit union to cash it?! I had to waste my time contacting the credit union to assure them that I had indeed written the check, and that they should cash it. I regret ever hiring this guy. I got his name from a friend. Oh well, too late now.

ę z Ľ December 13

I got the x-rays taken of my mouth today. Uugh, I hate biting those x-ray film things; they always make be gag. But I got through it. They took 20 of those x-rays in addition to the panoramic films. What a pain.

I never realized how truly crooked my teeth were until I looked at the photographs they took. Yes, they not only took x-rays, but photographs. I donít think the last place took photographs. Now Iím more convinced than ever that I must get this done. How have I gone through life looking like this, all these years? Suddenly, I feel embarrassed.

ę z Ľ December 14

Nothing much happened today, but I feel really sick about pulling those teeth. I feel like Iím butchering my mouth. I need to get past this. I really want straight teeth, and I donít want to chicken out again. Hubby is right; itís not very attractive to have crooked teeth (disclaimer: he repeated that heíd love me no matter how crooked my teeth were). Now that I realize how crooked they truly are, it really bugs me. So Iím at odds with myself: I want to have straight teeth very badly, but I feel sick about pulling those bicuspids. I need to work this out.

ę z Ľ December 15

The spa came today, and it took most of the day for them to haul it up to the deck. But itís there. Now, we just need the electrician to come and hook it up. He did the conduit work today. I canít wait! We canít believe that we actually bought a spa, and there it is, on our deck! After years of thinking about it, we finally followed through! !

ę z Ľ December 17

The guy from the window company came out today to give me an estimate for the windows. Unlike the other flaky companies, (which I met with before I began this journal), he calculated a price right then and there for me. Those other flaky companies too my measurements and never got back to me.

Anyway, I was very impressed. I liked his products and his professional attitude. Iím going to call his references and if the company checks out, I think weíll go with them.

ę z Ľ December 18

The electrician came back and hooked up the spa. I am so annoyed that he is flaky about coming to my house and finishing the work: one day heís here, the next day heís not. He says heís coming, and then he doesnít show up. I was so excited when he finally finished the work, and the city inspector gave his blessing. I filled it with water, and then went to the spa store to get the necessary chemicals after I picked my younger daughter up from school.

By 3 p.m., after I had picked up my older daughter, the spa was already 75 degrees. I turned it on to run the pumps, and thatís when disaster struck. I couldnít shut it off. Then I realized, hey, I donít have an ownerís manual. So I called the spa store. Soon a technician (the ownerís son) came out. I was sure it was a simple fix. Well, it wasnít. Something very strange was wrong with my spa. I was so incredibly disappointed. Then, when I looked closely at the inside of my spa cabinet, I noticed a laminated sign, which said, ďThis spa shown with options.Ē My heart sank. This spa was a demo, and maybe it was a lemon. I knew it had been ďin the factoryĒ and wasnít made specifically for me, but I didnít buy it knowing it had been a demo or on display anywhere. Thereís something fishy here, and weíll need to get to the bottom of it.

After troubleshooting the spa for almost two hours, the technician concluded that the circuit board was cracked. How it got cracked was anyoneís guess. Maybe it came that way; maybe the stupid electrician cracked it when hooked it up. In any case, they would need to order a new circuit board. With Christmas around the corner, this was going to take a while. What a royal pain.

In the mean time, the technician pointed out more half-assed things the electrician did. So maybe I have two lemons: a bad electrician, and a bad spa.

ę z Ľ December 21

I called the references for the window company, and everyone gave them glowing reviews. I think weíve found our window company.

I think Iím coming down with a cold that I caught from one of my kids. When I catch a cold, it usually turns into an exhausting ordeal of coughing fits for weeks. Iím going to try to rest more, and take zinc lozenges and Vitamin C.

Great, right at the beginning of Winter Break. For those of you without kids, let me tell you, Winter Break is no break for us stay-at-home Moms. We considered sending the girls to ďwinter camp,Ē but decided not to spend the money (it was going to be almost $500 for two weeks!) So now Iíll suffer with being sick, and two kids messing up my house every day for two solid weeks. Oh joy.

ę z Ľ December 26

My cold and cough are in full swing. I went to the allergist for a nebulizer treatment. This is the only thing that cleared up my cough last year. Hopefully it will work. I hate how jumpy the Albuterol makes me, but what can I do? Those braces will go on in a few weeks, and I donít want to be having coughing fits!

ę z Ľ December 29

The new circuit board that LA Spas sent out does not work, for some reason. Apparently it is the wrong board. Vern (the owner) tried to hook it up, but the water stopped heating after a couple of hours and now sits at 70 degrees. Iím at my witís end with this already. I have a big expensive tub of cold water on my deck. We probably wonít be able to get the damned thing working until January. Iím so pissed off.

ę z Ľ December 31

I was impressed that Vern from the spa place came back today and jerry-rigged the spa so it would work. He decided to bypass the 24-hour water management system and just hook up the pumps and heater. Now we could use it tonight for New Yearís Eve! I couldnít believe it was finally working, heating up the water, etc. As midnight drew near, we slipped into that steamy 100-degree water, watched the clouds and stars, and smiled as the clock stuck 12 and our neighbors honked their horns and celebrated. This time next year, my braces will be on for almost an entire year. How weird!




ę Year 2002 Ľ

ę z Ľ Friday, January 4

The plumbers came and ran the new gas line for my new stove. I was impressed with their work. They didnít leave a mess and did a very professional job. It took about 4 hours. Iím psyched to get those new appliances into my kitchen next week! Theyíve been sitting in my garage for almost a month.

ę z Ľ Monday, January 7

Today I had the tooth molds made. It was really no big deal. Itís kind of like having a big hunk of silly putty pressed into your teeth for about 30 seconds. First they did the top, then the bottom. You can even choose a flavor (I chose raspberry). The whole thing was over in less than a half hour. Luckily, the cough from that cold is almost gone, so I didnít have a coughing fit during the appointment. I called the oral surgeon and made an appointment for the extractions. Iíve come to terms with it. I want straight teeth. This is the only way to get them. I WILL NOT chicken out this time (I keep repeating that to myself). Those bicuspids will come out next Thursday.

ę z Ľ Tuesday, January 8

I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Itís ironic that I set this appointment up six months ago, without a clue that Iíd be seriously considering braces again. The dental hygienist did an extra good job to prep my teeth for the braces. I appreciated that.

ę z Ľ Wednesday, January 9

Wow, the appliance guys installed my new GE gas convection range and Advantium oven! I canít believe that I finally got rid of the yucky green two-in-one stove! I just sat in the kitchen later in the afternoon and stared at them. The installers need a different part for the Advantium oven and will be back tomorrow to finish hooking it up. In the mean time, I have a gas stove! Iím so psyched to cook with gas again after all these years! And no more green stove!

ę z Ľ

Thursday, January 10

Today the roofers came and tore off our old roof. What a noisy proposition that was. All day long, thumping and crashing. Tomorrow they put on the new roof. Thank God it has finally stopped raining long enough for this work to commence.

The installers came back and finished hooking up the Advantium. Wow, it does everything it says it will do. I actually roasted a whole chicken in 24 minutes, and it was terrific and juicy, and cooked all the way through. Absolutely amazing. It wasnít as good with cookies as Iíd hoped, but they were still ok. I think Iíll do most of my baking in the convection oven of the gas range, anyway. I love my new appliances!

ę z Ľ Friday, January 11

Thump, crash, buzzzzzz. All day long. But the roof is now 95 percent done. Itís amazing how quickly these guys work. Iím relieved that we wonít have any more leaks this winter.

ę z Ľ Saturday, January 12

More banging and crashing. Today the new gutters went on.

ę z Ľ Monday, January 14

I had a pleasant surprise today at my consultation. Dr. Vogt told me that I probably would NOT need to have those bicuspids removed! He said that he thought it might change my lip line too much and mess up my profile. He wants to put on the braces and see how things progress in about four months. He thinks he can straighten out my teeth without pulling any (although my bite will still be a bit off, but I donít really care about that). Wow! Iím ecstatic! I had agonized over getting those teeth pulled, and now I may not need to do it! I feel like Iíve passed some sort of karmic test. It was like a leap of faith.

I will get ďregularĒ braces on all the teeth except two molars on the bottom. Because those have fillings that continue to the outside of the tooth, those teeth must be encircled entirely with metal braces (regular braces wonít adhere to fillings). Since my molars are very tight, Dr. Vogt said he would put temporary spacers between them, to make room for those circular braces.

The top braces will go on next week, on Tuesday. The bottom ones will go on about 10 days later. I can hardly wait!

I joyfully called the dental surgeon and cancelled the extractions. Now I want to go out and eat all the foods Iíll probably miss for the next two years.

ę z Ľ Tuesday, January 15

Weíre waiting and waiting for that new circuit board to come from the spa company. Finally, I got fed up and called the customer service manager at the factory. He told me he was going to put an ownerís manual in the mail to me that day, and heíd look into the problems weíd been having.

ę z Ľ Friday, January 18

I finally got to Armadillo Willyís for ribs, but wound up eating them at home. I wanted to be sure to work out today, and by the time I finished with that, and showered, I had just enough time to run to the restaurant before picking up my daughter. Ah, and what a feeding frenzy it was. Iíve probably had enough protein to last me the entire week.

The spa repair guy (who is the ownerís son), came over to install the new circuit board in our spa, but only resulted in frustrating himself. For whatever reason, he canít get it working correctly. Iím worried that I have some sort of lemon here and am preparing to get into a fight with the spa manufacturer, if necessary. Itís ironic how quickly that new circuit board came after I called the customer service manager at the factory.

ę z Ľ Saturday, January 19

We got together with Hubbyís Mom today and ate pizza. Then we went for ice cream. I ordered ďnutty coconutĒ with hot fudge. It occurred to me that I might not want to eat ice cream with nuts for a while. Then I felt stupid that I hadnít gone to my favorite ice cream shop and gotten my favorite coconut-macadamia nut-fudge. Darn it.

The owner of the spa store came out and was able to install the circuit board and get the spa working properly. Apparently a few of the switches were thrown wrong or something (Vern has a little more experience with this stuff than his son). What a relief! Now the only thing I need is the ownerís manual.

ę z Ľ Sunday, January 20

I worked out, then went to a smokehouse restaurant and had ribs and corn on the cob. I want to get my fill of ďin your faceĒ food while I can. The ribs actually werenít as good as Iíd have hoped, but they still hit the spot. Now I canít imagine eating ribs for a long time. Iíve kind of "ribbed out."

ę z Ľ Monday, January 21

The kids were home for Martin Luther King Day, and I didnít feel like doing anything ambitious. The painter came over to prep the fireplace for painting, and a neighborhood boy, who is my daughter's class, came over to play for a while. Later in the afternoon, the guy from the countertop place came over to take exact measurements and give me a real bid. I was actually a little less than I expected. Iím going to go ahead with that part of the project, especially since their references were so glowing.

After I picked up my kids from school, I went to the supermarket to hunt for ďsoft foodsĒ for tomorrow and later this week. I chose canned tuna, some chopped meat for meatloaf, turkey deli meat, yogurt, and wheat bread without seeds.

Tomorrow is the day! I canít believe Iím getting braces put on!

ę z Ľ Tuesday, January 22 - THE DAY I GOT MY BRACES ON

Well, today was the day. I would lie if I didnít admit being a bit apprehensive about getting these braces put on. But I want straight teeth, and this is the only way to get them. I made sure to eat a really hearty breakfast, because who knows how Iíll feel by lunchtime.

First, they dried off my teeth with gauze and air. Then they put nasty stuff called ďetchantĒ on them. This attaches the brace to your teeth. Itís kind of like Krazy Glue for teeth, and it tastes like it, too. Bleck, I couldnít wait to rinse my mouth! Youíd think theyíd find a way to make that stuff taste good, like the stuff they use for the molds. Now thereís a niche market!

It was over in about 45 minutes, and suddenly, I looked like a teenager with a few wrinkles. After putting on all the braces and running the wire through them, they put spacers between two bottom molars. This was necessary to make room for the wrap-around braces those teeth will need. The dental assistant put a comfortable rubber spacer between two of the teeth, but couldnít get it between any of the other three. So Dr. Vogt put some sort of hinged metal spacer between them. I was afraid that they would hurt, but truthfully, they didnít really. In fact, the entire procedure didnít hurt at all. Well, it was a little uncomfortable when he first put in the metal spacers, but only for a minute or two. The entire process, including spacers, took a little over an hour. My braces are the ďclearĒ type. You still see some metal, but not as much as all-metal braces.

Jeez, it feels so weird. So far, it doesnít hurt very much. It just feels like Iíve got stuff in and on my teeth Ė which I do. Itís the weirdest feeling, having ďstuffĒ under your lips and sorta in your cheeks. I keep wanting to run my tongue into my cheeks to get the stuff out. I suppose Iíll get used to it. Everyone tells me that you do; that you forget about it after a while. I kept looking in the mirror and smiling all day. I actually think it makes me look cuter. Iím glad Iím married, though. I bet some guys would be really turned off by a single woman my age having braces. Who knows. I suppose a woman could always lie to a guy she met, tell him theyíre coming off in a few months, and then say the dentist changed his mind. Oh, enough of that!

I actually felt so good after my dental appointment that I went shopping for sheets for my daughter's room. I popped some more Ibuprofen just in case.

Eating. Now thatís a subject I can sink my teeth into (NOT!) I was starving by 3 p.m. and finally decided to venture into the wild world of eating with braces. I had some turkey deli meat and cheese, and found that I could eat saltine crackers, if I broke them in half. I could chew the food just fine, but I couldnít voraciously bite into anything. I took delicate, deliberate bites. No problem.

For dinner, I made myself some tuna salad. That was fine. Fortunately, Hubby did not expect me to cook dinner for him tonight (I think he had some leftover pizza).

As if by strange coincidence, my older daughter's front tooth decided to come out today, after months of being loose, and days of hanging on by a thread. Dr. Vogt told me to just pull it out, downward, but she wouldnít let me touch her. At 4 p.m. she swallowed the tooth. I thought: ďHow ironic, my teeth are being held in place by super glue and metal, and hers are falling down her throat.Ē Of course, she wailed uncontrollably, partly from fear of swallowing the tooth, and partly from fear that the tooth fairy wouldnít come. It took a good 15 minutes for me to calm her down on both accounts.

The day got even weirder around 6 p.m., when the power suddenly went out. At first I was afraid that it had something to do with the new spa we put in and that bum electrician, but a quick call to PG&E informed me that about 4,000 people in my neighborhood were without power, too. It was out for four hours! So Hubby first saw his metal mouth wife by candle light. There must be something romantic about that.

I hope my mouth doesnít hurt too much overnight or tomorrow. Dr. Vogt said that the next day, you usually feel it more. Overall, I am in happy disbelief that I FINALLY DID IT! I HAVE BRACES! I didnít chicken out!

ę z Ľ Wednesday, January 23

Well, today my teeth are definitely achier than yesterday. But itís not a headache sort-of pain, or an unbearable ďget this stuff out of my mouthĒ pain; itís more like somebody punched me in the mouth and hit my teeth. A couple of Ibuprofen takes care of it. I slept last night with no problem. It only becomes a problem when I eat, so Iím eating very soft foods. For breakfast I had yogurt, a scrambled egg and some saltine crackers. For lunch, the rest of that tuna salad and some turkey deli meat. For dinner, I made meatloaf; with garlic mashed potatoes and some sautťed greens. I ate it with no problem. But then again, meatloaf isnít difficult to eat.

One curious thing is sudden tooth sensitivity on a couple of the top bicuspids. I can brush my other teeth with no problem. When I get to those bicuspids, on either side of the top, yowza, what horrible nerve sensitivity! I figured maybe it was the strong pulses from my Sonicare toothbrush. So the next time I brushed my teeth, I used a regular toothbrush for the top sides. Same thing. In fact, just touching those teeth with anything gives me a nerve pain. I decided to go back to brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste. I think if I just donít rinse with Plax, it will not make my tongue feel weird. Dr. Vogt said that these sorts of sensitivities could come and go, as the root of the tooth is disturbed. Since my teeth are cold sensitive, I hope Iím not more prone to it than normal. That would really suck. I canít imagine feeling those nerve zings every time I brush my teeth for the next two years!

The painter came back and finished painting the fireplace, so I stuck around and did the complete domestic thing, and cleaned the house all day. Wow, the fireplace looks incredible! Why didnít we have it painted years ago?

ę z Ľ Thursday, January 24

Wow, things are so much better today. I actually ate some cookies! Even yesterday I couldnít have imagined biting into anything even remotely crunchy. I canít bite directly in front; my front teeth are still kind of sore. But biting on the side is no problem. No pain at all. Iím amazed how quickly my teeth are recovering. I had expected at least a week of pain and discomfort. I was even afraid of headaches. But none of that has occurred.

Today I roasted a chicken for dinner, and included some potatoes and carrots. Although the chicken wasnít quite as soft as tuna salad, it was ok. I just made sure to choose pieces that were rather soft, and cut them into small pieces.

Tomorrow theyíre taking those metal spacers out of my lower teeth. It will be nice to have the more comfortable rubber ones.

ę z Ľ Friday, January 25

I finally got those metal spacers out of my mouth. Itís interesting how much easier the rubber ones fit in today. I had no idea that teeth could move so much in such a short period of time. The dental assistant got the rubber spacers in with very little trouble. They are much more comfortable than the metal ones, but the one on the bottom right sticks up a bit, and feels weird, like Iím chewing on something.

The nerve pain is starting to go away on one of those top bicuspids. Thank God for that! The other one still zings me, but is a bit better. I can use my Sonicare all the time now.

Today I realized that I didnít take any Ibuprofen at all. Thatís amazing. It has only been three days!

I went to the Countertop Store and ordered those Zodiaq countertops and the limestone tiles for the backsplash. Iím still confused about what kind of sink to get, but it will all work out. Iíve narrowed it down to two faucets, and I think Iíll wind up buying them online.

I also went to Organized Living for the first time and fell in love with that store. They have anything and everything for closets and organization! I sat down with one of their planners, and decided to buy some bracket shelving as a solution for my daughterís closet. It was on sale at 25 percent off, and didnít cost that much. It is so rewarding to get in there with a tape measure, get some measurements, and then DO SOMETHING!

The guy from the window/door company came back and drew up the contract. He was here for almost three hours. I was itching to install those shelves in my daughter's closet, so after he left (at 5:30 p.m.), I started that project. Being so basically inept at home-improvement, I was able to do it by myself, so Iím gloating. I even used a drill properly and put the brackets up straight. By 10 p.m., the shelves were not only up, but the toys were re-organized in them, and Iíd re-arranged some of her furniture. Tomorrow, to Target!

ę z Ľ Saturday, January 26

Not much to report today, except that my lower right molar seems to hurt. Iím not sure why. It could be the spacers they put in. Or the way my teeth are hitting. I notice that I clench my jaw more than Iíd ever imagined. I need to make a conscious effort to keep my jaw relaxed and my teeth apart.

I spent the better part of the day online searching for an appropriate desk for my daughter's room. Itís so challenging. Her room is rather small and I donít want to sacrifice floor space, but she needs more storage and a real desk. I had looked in a couple of local furniture stores, but the pickings are slim in my price range and color (white). I finally decided on a Sauder assemble-yourself desk and hutch that were in my price range. After all that, I took the kids to Target, to buy more organization stuff, including the alarm clock my daughter wants (the same type as her sister). Who would think a little kid would get so excited about a clock radio?

After the kids were in bed, I continued going through all the stuff I had taken out of the top of my daughterís closet (mostly baby clothes I want to save). I put them into several large plastic storage containers and labeled them. Iíll move them to the storage place at some point. Iím also donating more stuff the kids have outgrown. I knew there was a reason to do this now: I now have a bunch of cardboard boxes for temporarily storing my kitchen stuff when the cabinets get re-done!

It has been 10 days, and I still havenít received the ownerís manual for my spa. I called and left a voice mail with the customer service manager at the factory. I seriously donít understand what their problem is. I believe that LA Spas is a good company and makes a really good spa; thatís why I chose that brand over others (after many hours of painstaking research). I swear, itís always something!

ę z Ľ Sunday, January 27

My right bottom molar still hurts, but itís bearable. I just need to remember not to bite too hard on that side. Today I actually ate a few corn chips with salsa at a Mexican restaurant; albeit delicately. I can understand how some people might lose weight when they get braces: you can no longer stuff your face with wild abandon. You must be deliberate and careful about each bite, making sure pieces of meat arenít too tough or too large. Making sure there are no little crunchy things (like nuts or seeds) hidden in foods.

After the meal, we went next door for ice cream. I really wanted Jamoca Fudge or Snicker Bar ice cream, but those nuts Ė I just didnít want to take the chance. Instead I had coffee flavored ice cream, but I made the mistake of ordering my favorite hard sugar cone. This was my first attempt at eating an ice cream cone since the braces went on. I never realized how ďfront mouthĒ eating an ice cream cone is. I kept feeling as though I was dribbling ice cream on my chin. I finally gave up and got a spoon. Then came the cone. No way could I bite into it, so I broke it into small pieces. I ate about half before giving up. I suppose it will be ice cream cups, or soft wafer cones for the next two years. A small price to pay, I suppose, for straight teeth.

This was the first time Iíve eaten out since getting the braces. Iím so self-conscious about it. I have a toothbrush, etc, in my purse. Brushing after the meal is not the problem. Iím afraid of grossing out anyone Iím eating with during the meal. I know the day will come when I have some big piece of bleck stuck in my braces and donít know it. I figure the best way around this is to surreptitiously swish water in my mouth when Iím eating. I usually only drink water with my meals, anyway. But itís usually cold water, and my teeth are cold-sensitive. So swishing cold water is not pleasant. But I suppose itís better than smiling and seeing a huge piece of black bean or chicken stuck to my bicuspids. Yuck! Maybe that Sensodyne toothpaste will make my teeth less cold-sensitive.

Iím definitely anxious about getting the lower braces put on next Friday. After what Iíve gone through this week, Iím not afraid they will hurt. Iím just wondering how it will be to eat with two sets of braces. Well, I suppose I will revert to tuna salad and yogurt for a while until I adjust. I keep reminding myself that lots of kids, teenagers, and adults go through this every year. 

I also remind myself of the 10-year-old boy from my kids' school who, last year, tragically choked on a chicken burrito and died shortly after getting his braces on. He apparently didnít chew a large chunk of chicken, and it got caught in his throat. Incredibly sad but true. So, I suppose thereís only one way to eat with braces on your teeth: carefully and slowly.

ę z Ľ Monday, January 28

While brushing my teeth this morning, I realized that the nerve sensitivity is almost completely gone from that upper tooth. Now I can use my Sonicare brush with very little trouble. I donít know if the Sensodyne has helped, or if my tooth has just ďrecovered.Ē I suppose it doesnít matter; Iím just glad it has stopped feeling sensitive.

I am gearing up to re-do my younger daughterís room this coming weekend (if I feel up to it). I bought the wallpaper at Home Depot, and that border I bought online finally came.

ę z Ľ Thursday, January 31

Recently it was Hubby's birthday, but we couldnít go out because he wanted to go to his Chinese language class. (You must understand something about my husband: he loves to learn new and challenging things. Heís studying Mandarin). Anyway, tonight we went to the theater and saw Evita. At intermission, I wanted a cup of decaf, and those biscotti sure looked good. Why hadnít I ever noticed that biscotti have nuts? Probably because it never mattered before. I had assumed that nuts would be impossible to eat with braces, and now I found out the hard way. Fortunately, the biscotti itself became soft in the coffee. But the nuts didnít. They got stuck in my braces. I spent the second half of the show trying to discreetly dislodge pieces of hazelnut from my upper teeth. Iíve got to get a traveling kit together and keep it in my purse.


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